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Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of each purchase and transaction. By purchasing Rare Radiance products and services you agree to the following:


Usage Policy

Customers are required to adhere to the candle care guidelines and use best practices for all products and services. Please see our Candle Care page for additional details.


Shipping Policy

We aim for quick turn arounds, good quality products and secure delivery. Please allow 3-5 days for processing, Sundays and Holidays are excluded. Processing means the time it takes our team to fulfill your order. This does not include UPS or USPS shipping times.

Most of our products are temperature sensitive and may melt in transit in hotter climates. As such, we try to avoid having them sit in a truck or a warehouse overnight. Our shipping schedule aims to decrease the likelihood of your order melting in transit. 

Orders are generally shipped Monday through Thursday. Orders placed Thursday through Sunday may not be shipped until the following Monday. This depends on the shipping method selected at checkout and the volume of orders received. 

Thank you for your understanding.


Returns & Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges. However, we will replace products that are clearly evidenced to be damaged in transit and/or other circumstances at the discretion of our team.

If you have experienced an issue with your Rare Radiance product, please contact us via email at info@rareradiance.com.  Include photos, videos and a detailed description of your issue. Our team will review your situation and determine whether a new replacement product will be provided. In order to do so, please be sure your email includes proof of purchase (e.g. your order number, order confirmation email, and/or receipt). We will notify you once we’ve received and reviewed your email, and let you know what is determined. 

Evidence must show the fault of the issue is not on the customer. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you if it is evident that the product was not used within our recommended safety and warning product labels or website descriptions. For example, if the glass of vessels exploded, more than likely the candle wax was burned too low.

See our Candle Care page for additional details on how to properly burn our candles and wax melts.


Payments and Processing

Please remember it can take up to 5-7 business days for your bank or credit card company to process and post payments. If you experience issues with payments, please submit a detailed email to info@rareradiance.com.

We do not offer refunds, instead we will send you a new product(s) to supplement damaged goods previously purchased. See the Returns & Exchanges section above.


There are no exceptions to our terms and conditions.