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About Us

Our Mission

Rare Radiance was founded on the ideals of embracing uniqueness, unapologetic confidence, and purpose. Our mission is to promote intentional wellness by spreading light and inspiring others to live a quality life on purpose, with purpose. We encourage you to let your light (life) shine radiantly, as an example of God’s glory.

Our Brand

Rare Radiance was established by Founder & Owner, Tiona. Her personal wellness journey which is heavily driven by her faith and spirituality, as well as her borderline obsession for candles were the inspiration for creations of quality and light that has blessed thousands of lives and homes.

Tiona has a passion and purpose for spreading the love of God and uplifting His people. Her purpose is to encourage and inspire people to be the best version of themselves and experience wellness on purpose. As a creative, she blended her passions and purpose to provide products and services that resemble individuality, quality and light.

Our products are physical representations of quality and light. Rare Radiance's flagship products, our candles, are hand-poured using 100% natural soy wax in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our candles and wax melts are created in small batches with no additives or dyes. Our candles produce little-to-no soot or emissions and are carbon neutral. Each candle is labeled to bring the energy you need into your space, whether it be your home or work place. 


For centuries, candles have been a staple household product - primarily associated with luxury. Initially, candles were made with animal fat. In the early-mid 19th century, Paraffin became a primary ingredient for candle wax. In the late 20th century, soy became a natural and cleaner alternative for candle makers. 

In line with the modern focus on health and wealth - our candles are  perfect alternatives to mainstream brands and products. Our candles are natural and produce little-to-no soot or emissions and are carbon neutral.