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Candle Making Session
Candle Making Session

Candle Making Session

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Guided DIY Candle Making Session hosted by Rare Radiance. You provide the venue and we provide the candle making (all supplies included).

Individual bookings are subject to cancellation if more than 5 people do not purchase for the same location, date and time. Individual bookings are a great way to schedule parties but allow attendees to independently provide payment.

After payment, please email info@rareradiance.com for questions and event details such as location, demographic of attendees (e.g., age range and special accommodations).

Email cancellations within 4 business days for full refund and 2 business days for 50% refund.

Candle making sessions are only offered in the following locations:

- Charlotte, NC

- Raleigh, NC

- Durham, NC

- Greensboro, NC

- Maryland

- DC

- Northern VA