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Wellness Your Way

As you may know, Rare Radiance’s goal is to encourage you and others to prioritize wellness with intention. We are well aware that “wellness” has become a cliche term, trend, and go-to lifestyle conversation piece.  However, we hope to change that for you.

Wellness may seem like a catch all for life. As it should. When you think about your life and how you live day-to-day, I’d hope some basic things come to mine: showers/baths, skincare, eating, physical activity, prayer, laughing, sleep… the list literally go on. But all of these are avenues to being well. Trends will sell a product (such as candles or skin care products) as wellness. These products/things are merely conduits for wellness. Meaning, they are gateways or aids that contribute you experiencing wellness. But wellness is a state. Wellness is how/where your mind, body, spirit, and soul are.

Think of it this way:

  • How do you feel when you wake up from a good night’s sleep?
  • How does your body feel after working out, showering, or eating a healthy meal?
  • Where is you mind when you think of going to work or home?
  • What does a laugh do to your spirit?
  • What does prayer or worship do for your soul?
  • How do you feel when you’re surrounding by friends and family?

Being happy, being excited, being fulfilled, being flexible… these are various examples of wellness. Hopefully, your newfound perspective of wellness will change the way live - for the better.

Create wellness your way.  Challenge yourself. Evaluate some of your normal daily/weekly actions. Do they contribute to your wellness? What can you do differently to incorporate a new state of wellness into your routines? This is a state to living well with intention.