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Let’s Shake the Table

On Saturday, April 16, Rare Radiance had the pleasure of partnering with another business local to Charlotte, North Carolina. As a proud sponsor, it was fulfilling to network and engage with local area professionals. Led by digital communications strategist Myasia Stephens, Let’s Shake the Table creates community and conversion.

Here are 5 gems from the event:

  1. Pace yourself. Avoid burnout by pacing your productivity. Manage your capacity, time, and energy with the end goal in mind.
  2. Run your own race. You are your own competition. Establish your goals and work towards them on your terms. Choose when you want to be challenged, when you will push beyond your proven ability. Listen to your body and mind to know when a brake or steady coast is needed.
  3. Be aware of your thoughts. Mindfulness matters. Our thoughts are at the core of everything we do begins with a thought. Pause to acknowledge or notice your thoughts in a given moment. Be cognizant of how your mind respond or adjust to your environment.
  4. Observe your thoughts without judgement. Some thoughts are pleasant and nice, and others are cruel. Don't condemn your thoughts, rather learn to control them. Identify trends, triggers, and reactions. Give grace to your mind and space for it to evolve and mature.
  5. Establish balance. Give equal space, energy and attention to all realms of you. Your social, mental, spiritual, physical, and professional lives are all key to your being.

These points are gems that can be applied to anyone, no matter your field of work. However, it can especially be applicable to Marketing and Communications professionals who constantly have to operate within a trendy and dynamic space. If this is you - a communications, marketing, or media professional, follow @letsshakethetable on Instagram and join them for their next event on June 11th.